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ug toof (6:48:20 PM): he was like "yeah, of course." and i was like "theres going to be a lot of people." he was like "i don't care." and i was like "like 15-20?" and he was like "sure. go ahead. bring them down."

So. Over y'all's spring break, which is like april 9th till the 18th or something, we're going to bike to Maria's dad's house for a week long dance party camp out. Only a couple people can sleep in the house, which will probably be maria and a couple other girls, so the rest of us will have to camp in a clearing with a pond on her dad's land. which should be awesome. From my understanding it is very secluded and should be safe for rocking out and dancing. So bring your naked and your party.

Anyone is invited that likes fun. People who fear bikes should still drive down, though carpooling would be awesome I don't know if anyone would do it...

I really hope that this trip will work out unlike the october trip where like ten people were supposed to come but only 4 ended up doing it. It's a beautiful ride down rt 9 and this trip will be the first time crossing over rt 1 onto other back roads so it does not become monotonous. I really hope to hear from everyone, and since we're camping I'm sure more than 20 people would be cool so don't think you'll be the "too many" person.

comment my ass or write my ass or 9929552 my ass.
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