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Just saw quicksilver last night. I hate Kevin Bacon, and the parts where he was talking kinda wrecked the movie... but the fucking street bike stunts were amazing... And by amazing I mean FUCKING AMAZING. running mounts and jumping rear dismounts are my new thing. Soon enough I'll hook up a freewheel street bike without brakes so I can do amazing shit.. fuck.. rent the movie.
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We don't have "Quicksilver" in our store. I think you're making it up.

"The Dangerous Lives Of Altar Boys" and "Sandlot" have a lot of biking in them. There's also this movie called "Slitch" about this 16 year old, really slutty girl. In between story parts, they show her biking around listening to grindcore. Unfortunately, that's the only good part of the movie. See "Spun" if you haven't already.
no it's real. ask shehara, willy, brady or justin. there's also another movie callleeddd.d......... pulling ahead? or something like that. It's also supposed to be all about bikes. Gummo has biking too but is bad. we should get a couple militants together this week to watch quicksilver, pulling ahead, slitch, altarboys, sandlot, and spun. noon till midnight NO BREAKS!

doncha ride bicycle?!