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So I'm trying to figure out where i can order maps for the PA bike routes. I was able to order delaware's though deldot, but I don't think that PA has an equivalent. At the end of the month Shehara and I are probably biking PA Bike Route L, which connects to DE Bike Route 1 at Brandywine park. It takes you through PA in a northerly fashion until you reach New York. Here are some useful links to find out more:

http://www.bikepa.com/routes/index.htm - here are the PA routes

http://www.deldot.net/static/pubs_forms/manuals/maps/orderform.htm - here you can order the delaware bicycle maps that are extremely useful. (in my opinion) they're free and made of vinyl!

http://www.mybikesite.com/pennsylvania/ - not too good, but there's usually people on there looking for and selling fairly decent bikes

http://www.pahighways.com/OtherHwys/BicyclePA.html - i highly recommend this site, it contains detailed information on routes extending as far as west virginia and ohio.
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