Matt (butchermachine) wrote in thetbm,

TBM Movie Night in the making

The movie night has not been officially planned yet... these are some movies I'm trying to get a hold of:

Breaking Away: A comedy about growing up. Pretty much a bike racing movie.
American Flyers: Sports physician Marcus persuades his unstable brother David to come with him and train for a bicycle race across the Rocky Mountains. Tumors ensue.
The Cycle of Love: A clumsy businessman is made fun of by the neighborhood children because he rides his bicycle to work every day
Double Rush: A bike messanger deals with competition, dangerous drivers, and nagging boss

These are only the few I know that are ABOUT biking. I know plenty with biking in them. Post any more you may know about.
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fuck man....PEEWEE'S BIG ADVENTURE!!!!

And we already know about Quicksilver: Kevin bacon has a mustache. Then he loses everything in the stock market and shaves off the mustache. He loses his nerve and becomes a bike messenger.

Then there is...

2 Secondes: Laurie is a downhill racer. Her irresposibility gets her fired. She meets Lorenzo, a cranky, ex-racer who owns a bike shop. Laurie gets a job with a local bicycle courier company, but the group is intent on shutting her out of their circles, making her life shitty.

6 Day Bike Rider: All about a guy a girl a trick cyclist and jealously leading to a 6 day bike race. the guy steals a bike at one point.

Cherry Hill High: Five recent graduates of an all-girl high school - Kippy, Sarah, Michelle, Peaches and Alison - attempt to lose their virginity during a two-week bicycle trip with their seemingly repressed teacher Miss Woodruff. The girls hold a contest to see who can lose their virginity in the most creative and original manner.

Forest For the Trees: A man goes on a distance trip with his wife, his mistress, and her boyfriend. hah.

We should rent and screen these before we do the movie night so we're sure to not watch horrible movies that have nothing to do with our goals.
motherfucking RAD!
its 80's thats all you need to know
this fun filled night needs to happen before i leave for college on the 23rd. yeesh.
it should be on mon, tues or wed. GET TO WORK PEOPLE!